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Upgrade from pixels to knowledge!

Annotate Pictures to Make Them More Informative

FotoTagger lets you easily add movable notes to individual elements visualized on images. The notes can be hidden in a click of a button so the original view remains intact. Moreover, the notes always stay with the image wherever it is shared.

  • Identify people, places, and events on digital photos.
  • Mark notable details and comment specific objects.
  • Display your tags in a form of balloons. Create talking pictures, books of comics and image macros from your photos.
  • Publish annotated images to Blogger and LiveJournal.
  • Upload annotated pictures to Flickr and download them back to FotoTagger with Flickr notes preserved.
  • Organize images.
  • Find elements of images in a couple of clicks.
  • Create animated GIF files.

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Collect Images from Browser into FotoTagger Albums

FotoTagger 2.13 allows collecting images directly from Mozilla Firefox into FotoTagger album and search grabbed images by Source.

Export HTML feature was improved. Callouts now can be viewed in Firefox 3 and above as well as in Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari for Windows and Google Chrome.

Annotated Image Galleries

First internet collection
of annotated pictures

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